Graphic Arts, Homoeroticism

How to Win Boys: Unintentional(?) homoeroticism

You make them like you by fishing? Or do you fish FOR them?

Where was this book when I was a naive teenager?

“Not HERE, Fred! Wait ’til we get back to the dorm! Geez!” (And on the cover of a magazine called “Straight,” no less!)

Google images for Bowery Billy some time; he gets tied up a LOT.

I wouldn’t dare comment on this.

Tattoo bondage? Oh, those Hardys!

The Hardy’s faces suggest they’ve heard a great deal about that old queen in the basement…

Just LOOK at all those flagrant, queerie queers!

Hey, kids: The Hardy Boys called. Meet them where the clock ticks.

For YOUR little fag-in-training.

Text copyright 2013 by Scott Ross


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