Personal Essay

Louis and the Angels

“His heaven is like himself: strange, interesting, astonishing, grotesque. I give you my word, it has not a single feature in it that he actually values. It consists — utterly and entirely — of diversions which he cares next to nothing about, here in the earth, yet is quite sure he will like them in heaven. Isn’t it curious?”  ― Mark TwainLetters from the Earth

By Scott Ross

I was christened a Presbyterian, converted against all odds (and my own, buried agnosticism) to the Catholic faith, got myself ex-communicated, and eventually grew to embrace my nascent atheism. I have, as Twain might have said, only a vague curiosity about any sort of an afterlife and neither belief, nor any interest whatsoever, in the Christian concept of Paradise. But one thing I know to be true.

If there is a Heaven, and Pops ain’t there, I ain’t staying anyway.

Louis Armstrong, 1960, photographed by Herb Snitzer


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