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Remembered with fondness: The “Milton the Monster” opening sequence

By Scott Ross

For them as is interested, here’s the rather stylishly rendered opening of the (long-forgotten by most) Milton the Monster Saturday morning cartoon show, from 1965; it ran until 1968. The series was created by Hal Seeger, who also produced the new Out of the Inkwell series in the early 1960s, which was my introduction to Max and Dave Fleischer’s Koko the Klown.

At five I relished Count Kook’s request (“When the stirring’s done, may I lick the spoon?”)

Milton and his gruesome cohorts put me somewhat in mind of Little Lulu writer/layout man (and occasional artist) John Stanley’s wonderful contemporaneous Dell comic, Melvin Monster. Like Milton, Melvin was a decent sort in a world of malevolent bugaoboos, his misadventures filtered through the same macabre sense of humor that informed Stanley’s Old Witch Hazel stories in the Lulu comics.

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