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Bill Moyers’ State of Conflict: North Carolina

By Scott Ross

Brought to my attention by my friend Eliot M. Camerena. Wisconsin got more press coverage, electronic and otherwise, but my state is hurtling merrily along the same path to GOP Hell. It seems to me that Moyers et al. get it absolutely right here:  Limitless Access to Money + Retarded-adolescent, Randite ideals x Uninformed Electorate = Unchecked Political Power and Influence. If not Art Pope, the Kochs. If not them, someone else will be happy to step in. And their hand-picked figureheads such as the man I call His Smugness of Charlotte will cheerfully do their bidding, as long as they’re rewarded with sufficient patronage. Look for Governor Pat to run, within the next few years, for Senator or President… and then Art Pope, having effectively reversed a century of my state ‘s progress, can get to work setting back the clock for the entire country.

I personally think we are living through the End Times—not, as the rabid Jesus Christers believe, of the world itself but of the American Experiment. I believe that democracy in fact (as opposed to theory) has either died, or is in its death throes in this much-vaunted Land of the Free. I wish I didn’t. But all around me, the willful ignorance if not downright stupidity of the average American provides daily illustration of the thesis, and proof (if any were needed by this point) that those with enough money can brainwash the mass into voting against its own best interest time after weary time, until it has ceded its power and its voice and with a radiant smile on its idiot face, pitched in to build its own prison. Whereat the poor, dumb bastards can smile and say, “I may have destroyed myself… but by God at least I kept that nigrah [or kike, or faggot, or spic, or ay-rab; fill in the derisive noun for your own favorite cultural bugbear] from gettin’ anything!”

And I’ll stop there, because I’m depressing myself.

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